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Gouda - Delft

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Gouda: Most potteries which existed until the '60's were integrated in bigger firms or just vanished. The Gouda piggy bank had 4 legs, cross stripes on the body and a tail as a knot. It is green led glazed. Led glaze appears to be poisonous, so a EC regulation (± 1989) decided that this kind of glaze was forbidden. And a whole industry of ceramic household ware became extinct.
Delft: Is a type of faience with blue decoration, traditionally manufactured in Delft. Other types of Delftware are multicoloured or white. The industry was wiped out round 1800 by cheaper pottery, especially from England (Staffordshire). Today there is only one factory left (Royal Delft Pottery “De Porceleyne Fles”) where 'real' Delftware is produced. Most of the Delftware sold today is imitation.
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