Dutch 5 - Piggy Banks

1000+ authentic, old fashioned pig piggy banks
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Dutch 5

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This series shows common piggy banks. The mould of these pigs is used in many countries. You also see examples from the Antilles. These type of pigs is easily created when one finds the right clay (slip) and a pottery with a kiln. Schools and institutions use them for creative lessons, anniversaries, etc. Or for sale as a souvenir. Length 14 to 16 cm. Date: 1960-present.

This series show a fairly common species.

In two versions: short (9 cm) and long (fish shape, 16 cm.

They often have a lable of a tourist attraction, being souvenir pigs.

The pottery (potteries) that produced them I have not figured out yet.

Date: 1950-1980.

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