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Promo & souvenir

Particular banks

Advertising with piggy banks needs a link with the item one wants to promote. A commercial bank and piggy banks? OK. But an economical car on LP gas?

A bike? Albert Heijn (AH), the Dutch equivalent of Tesco or Wall Market?

AH created a piggy bank with a text  (translated): "Here you little one can put the money saved when buying AH products”. Nowadays a rare piggy bank!
In The Netherlands well known types of promotional piggy banks are the series commissioned by the NV Nationaal Spaarfonds (National Savings Trust). Like the National Westminster (NatWest) Bank in the UK they created over decennia promotional piggy’s. The inscription is in old Dutch: “Die bi mi spaert gheluck vergaert”, translated: “Who saves with me will gather (good) luck”.

A souvenir is an item for you to remember or to show to others where you have been. A souvenir is trade wise any small object with a sticker glued on it. Like piggy banks. Luckily the sticker is often placed under the glaze so one can see, even after many years, where the souvenir was from. One can still buy the old fashioned souvenir piggy banks on the Canary Islands (Spanish: Islas Canarias). Many holidaymakers brought them home for me as a present. The same goes for the (former Dutch) Antilles, one mould with different pictures and hand painted. In the UK there are many available. Every place of interest for the tourists sells piggy bank souvenirs, however the old fashioned ones are becoming rare.

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