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1000+ authentic, old fashioned pig piggy banks
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The Netherlands

Potters piggy banks
Shown above are piggy banks made by potters. The craftsmen and -woman that is, 'artist tagged' potters dislike piggy banks, they regard that below their artistic dignity. On the right and the next pages I made a selection of piggy banks that are common in The Netherlands. What is there to tell about the “other” Dutch banks? See the pictures, they come from all over the country.

Faience: The word faience is derived from Faenza, a town in Italy with many potteries in the middle of the fifteenth century. In Italy, France, Scandinavia and Spain, this type of pottery is known as majolica. In The Netherlands we call it Delftware or Delft faience and in Makkum Royal Tichelaar calls it majolica. In the UK the same type is called English Delftware or just majolica. "What's in a name..."

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