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Friesland/ Fryslân

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Makkum: From 1572 until september 2013 Royal Tichelaar Makkum concentrated on ornamental earthenware. Tichelaar Makkum used the age old majolica technique, in which local Frisian clay is covered with white tin glazing on which the decorations are painted, glazed again and fired on lower temperature. In my collection there are 4 Royal Tichelaar piggy banks. Nowadays only available in the webshop (see 'traditional') .
  • Workum had a flourishing earthenware industry for over 300 years. Only one or two potters still produce. The last existing factory of De Boer was dismantled in 2007 when Rintje de Boer died. He was the last person of the family that kept the tradition of green lead glazed piggy banks alive.
  • Harlingen/ Lemmer: Once an well known places for earthenware.
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