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Pondering on French pottery one immediately thinks of Limoges porcelain.
But there is much more French pottery and often in comparison to Limoges severely under valuated.

Superb pottery is, or was, made in: Lorraine (Lunéville, Saint Clement, Sarregemines), Northern France near Lille (St Amand, and Hamages Orchies), Alsace, Rhone-Alpes, Bourgogne (St Uze), Quimper, Bordeaux, etc.

Hunting for piggy banks for over 50 years means that I have a large variety in my collection. Collecting more of the same type in different colour variations is not an option and not that exciting. That's why from the past years I focused on antique piggy banks and rediscovered France. I knew few to nothing about the origin of French piggy banks until I discovered the book 'Tirelires – Barbotine, grès et porcelaine' of Maryse Botero in 2007. A book with a lot of information about the often former ‘manufactures’.

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