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United Kingdom

Vintage 1
Many of our neighbours on the opposite side of the Canal are of the opinion that their forefathers have invented porcelain and fine pottery, but nothing is further from the truth. It all started in China (and possibly much earlier in the Middle East), from Southern Europe it moved to Delft. And from Delft craftsmen went to England to explain the process and founding the porcelain and earthenware industry.

Vintage 2
It’s a real puzzle to determine the origin of piggy banks. This sometimes goes by chance: I looked at an old advertisement of Weetman Giftware and I spotted 3 of my piggy banks.
Pigs with an umbrella or carrying the text "For rainy days” are regular too. These expression indicates (as you will know) poor or difficult times. Piggy banks with cartoons from Thelwell (famous for its ponies) are real collector’s items.

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