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Belgium: Flemish earthenware
Flemish earthenware should be as well known as the pottery from Gouda, Delft or Makkum in The Netherlands. But that’s not the case. Because it was considered as kitsch. In 1928, most potteries were already in trouble because of the economic crisis, the last pottery of Flemish earthenware was founded in Bruges. It survived WW 2 and produced souvenirs until the late 1950’s. That marked the end of the production of Flemish earthenware. Recently I added two piggy banks of this type to my collection.

Republic of Ireland
All I have are a souvenir (1), one green SylvaC (made in Staffordshire, England by the way) and 3 of Ceramics Kilrush. I wish I had a lot more piggy banks from the Republic of Ireland. There should be many, in different shapes, but until now I have not found them. We once visited the Belleek Pottery. Nice pottery, but no piggy banks of the old fashioned type. I know of the village of Kilrush with a history of (long gone) potteries. So there are just in few in my collection.

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