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Flower decor

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Flower décor  piggy banks
These piggy banks with flowers are from Eastern Europe. Romania and especially Hungary were the  suppliers of former department store V&D that sold them early 1970's in large quantities, along with flower pots and dishes. The flower decorations are hand painted. To create some system in the amount of flower decorated piggy banks I made two categories: small and medium up to 16 cm and big from 16 cm. The smallest is 9.5 cm and the largest in my collection is 29 cm.
There are some misunderstandings about these kind of piggy banks: They are not antiques, since they are dated ± 1970. Not special pottery, but 'ordinary' peasant pottery. And that's OK!

Left: 2 Piggy banks with flower pots, cups, etc. in green flower decor.
Middle and right: The biggest and the smallest ones in my collection.
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