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Czech Republic

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Czechoslovakia (1890-1920): Some History
± A quarter of all the piggy banks in Europe produced before the Great War (WW1:1914-1918) came from the Austro-Hungarian Empire (it included Austria, Bohemia, Hungary and Czechoslovakia). This is also the case with the shown antique HEPP piggy banks. After the Great War that empire disbanded. The pottery industry often established their headquarters in Vienna and the factories in Czecho-Slovakia. It is possible that some experts attribute a piggy bank of before 1914 to Austria, while I identify it as Czech.

Czech Republic

On January 1, 1993, Czechoslovakia peacefully split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The piggy banks shown are from the Czech Republic, all from the period 1980-2001.

In those days (1980-2001) one could still buy authentic piggy banks almost everywhere. Nowadays all piggy banks have those awful plastic stoppers.

Well known are the piggy banks with hats, which I found nowhere else.

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