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Former GDR
These series are from the former GDR. I bought most of them in The Netherlands, assuming they were typical Dutch. Discovering a similar piggy bank with a sticker of origin pointed out my misunderstanding. Not Dutch! Here you see the significance of maintaining the stickers, never rubb them off! It's part of the provenance.

Gray surface. Patterns of stripes and flowers and a 'Gouda like' trumpet nose. Period: 1950-1975.

Poland (the former German province of Lower Silesia)
Most of the Polish pottery industry is located in Boleslawiec (Bunzlau). Two factories dominate the 40 other: State factory Zakłady Ceramiczne "Boleslawiec" and Ceramika Artystyczna a private company. They also make pig piggy banks, with plastic stoppers. Authentic piggy bank pigs (without cap) I have from 2 smaller pottery factories: WIZA, now called Ceramika Boleslawieka (WIZA) and DANA in 1975 founded by Janusz Jakubowski and stopped around 1992. The DANA brand still exists.
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