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Bulgaria - Hungary

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Bulgaria and Hungary
Troyan pottery is considered the true Bulgarian pottery. Traditionally the pottery was painted by the village women. They applied yellow, brown and green paint with a bull’s horn and feathers to achieve a peacock or butterfly like design or smeared paint with their fingertips to achieve a raindrop like effect. Today craftsmen combine traditional designs with modern techniques. Hungarian pottery is still more traditional, here the flower décors are common.

Sold/ bought in GDR, but originated in Bulgaria
In the former communist countries the marginal production capacity was a big problem. In a way entrepreneurs were creative to buy the missing products or parts from college communist “utopias”. Not aware of this I always thought that the piggy banks that were bought in the GDR (I have proof of that) were also produced there. Until I decided to asked a native speaker to translate the label on two of these piggy banks. And found out they were originated in Troyan, Bulgaria.

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