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Flat ‘circular shaped’ pig piggy banks
The first of these funny piggy banks I found in the 70’s at the former department store Vroom and Dreesman in Zwolle. The red one with black spots is made by Pottery Frodo. Frits Rood was a ceramist in Alkmaar (known from the cheese carriers) and used the name Frodo. His work was signed with a sticker, but (as usual) most of these stickers were removed. Recently I bought one form a charity shop in IJmuiden with a sticker. Which gives me more certainty about the origin of the other piggy banks. Just look at the similarities. They are imitations of, or also made by, Frodo. Size: about 11 cm. Dated: 60s and 70s.
I bought all of these piggy banks in central Holland. In itself it means nothing. I however have reason to believe (based on experience), that they were produced in Gouda and/ or Schoonhoven. Not sure, because no indication of origin was found. Two sizes: 15,5 and 13,5 cm. Date: 1950-1960.
DIY/ Basic/ Common
This series shows common piggy banks. The mould of these pigs is used in many countries. You also see examples from the Antilles. These type of pigs is easily created when one finds the right clay (slip) and a pottery with a kiln. Schools and institutions use them for creative lessons, anniversaries, etc. Or for sale as a souvenir. Length 14 to 16 cm. Date: 1960-present.
Plateelbakkerij Flora Gouda?
This series are in two versions: short (9 cm) and long (fish shape, 16 cm). They often have a label of a tourist attraction, being souvenir pigs. About the pottery that produced them I have indications that it is possible "Plateelbakkerij Flora Gouda" (1945-1994). Flora Ceramics Gouda made leading and affordable ceramics for decorating the interiors of the working class to the middle-class in the years 1950-1970.
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