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Pig Piggy Banks
Published by GD in Supply and demand · 27 January 2021

I'm looking for these piggy banks from grocer Albert Heijn. Now I do not immediately expect that these will pop up outside the Netherlands (by the way, I have not found one here yet!), but I have the feeling that Dutch emigrants once brought one with them as a reminder of their country (and their grocer). The great emigration wave was in the years 1950-1960, the AH piggy banks are from 1933-1938 so that is a possibility. The children of those first emigrants may have what was in their inheritance of memories (souvenirs) of their parents in boxes in the attic, cellar or a storage. And if there is such a piggy bank in there, it would be nice to be able to add it to my collection of old-fashioned piggy banks. So……?

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