Thrifty: the wise pig

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Thrifty: the wise pig

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Published by GD in History · Monday 20 Mar 2017
Thrifty: the wise pig
At “Thrifty - The wise pig” (thrifty = economical) there is a clear difference between the replica and the original. The original has THRIFTY on the base on one side and © J.M.R. on the other side. The replica lacks the patent characteristic and the original metal screw may have been replaced by a metal screw with Philips head.

They were produced from the Hubley Manufacturing Company of Lancaster, Pennsylvania (USA) from 1930 onwards. Until 1945 with © J.M.R, then without. But never with Hubley's own logo. The company was bought by Gabriel Industries in 1966. In 1978, CBS (Columbia Broadcasting) in turn bought Gabriel and later sold many dies to Ertl and Scale Models.
I don't know until when Thrifty was made. Fact is that many reproductions of Thrifty came onto the market between 1960 and 1970, including the 2 yellow ones I own. It is conceivable that Gabriel and CBS and successors did not pursue these cast iron piggy banks. After all, it was the time of plastic and especially piggy banks with plastic caps.

The poem on the pig's belly is titled "The Wise Pig". The words are: "Save a penny yesterday, Another save today, Tomorrow save another, To keep the wolf away."

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