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How to translate the term piggy bank?
When abroad a piggy bank collector wants to find genuine piggy banks. As you already know I only collect old fashioned pig piggy banks.
To find them one has to ask someone in the street, in the hotel, in the caravan park, in the (antique or souvenir) shop, or with a tourist board. Then the problem arises if you have no idea of the proper word for piggy bank in the language of the country you’re visiting.
To help you, and myself, I have made a list. It is of relevance to know that “piggy bank” in fact means a container to put money in.
Not a piggy bank as in pig, but in some translations it can even mean a cash register. I tried to translate or describe the word or term ‘piggy bank I the shape of a pig’ in various languages which are not my own (that’s Dutch).
Native speakers of the various countries are invited to please give correct translation if it is wrong or if their language is missing. You can send it to my e-mail address.

Searching a specific kind of piggy bank (mechanical or still, iron or ceramic) it helps to use a picture or drawing of the kind of bank you’re looking for. I myself always have this drawing in my wallet:

Never make pig noises or gestures when explaining the search for a (pig) piggy bank.
In many countries this could be misunderstood with consequences you don’t want.

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