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No stopper!

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Why do I only collect ceramic piggy banks without a stopper?
I only collect ceramic piggy banks without a stopper/ plug in the belly bottom for two reasons:
1. In my opinion these are the authentic piggy banks;
2. Collecting also means to limit the number of things you want to collect and to exhibit in your home.
With a stopper one can buy thousands…..

The authentic ceramic piggy bank also has a pedagogic line of approach. One has to smash the piggy bank into pieces  to get the money out. So one has to consider carefully if that’s worth it. Furthermore it is not so easy to get just a few coins out. In the case of the piggy bank with a stopper it’s a “piece of cake”. Saving for the long(er) term is often not the case.

Mass producing ceramic piggy banks with a stopper is much easier than producing the authentic ones. That’s the main reason they exist. The benefit for the saver is of much less importance than the easier method of production.

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