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To use folding to make a pig piggy bank
In "production 1" I explain 3 production methods. However there is one more:
The fourth method is folding. This method is obsolete because of the labour intensity. The mould production by pouring slip is easier and more convenient for mass production. How do they do it, the folding? Take a bonk of clay and roll it out into a flat cake of ½ cm thick (like dough!). Cut  a large circle and fold this together. Squeeze the edges firmly. You can already recognize the traditional fish shape with upright back. Bit modelling at the front for the head and closing the back with the tail. Let it dry for a while, then put ears on it, legs underneath (three for Frisian and 4 for Gouda) and cut the money slot in it. There are descriptions (from 1948, among others) of manufacturers of plates that have made piggy banks this way from the unsuccessful forms. These piggy banks are heavier than 'normal' mould piggy’s.

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