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Flower piggy banks from Hungary

Pig Piggy Banks
Published by GD in Provenance · 25 October 2019
More known about the flower piggy banks
I already knew for sure that part of the flower piggy banks came from Romania and part from Hungary was the assumption, but recently I know for sure. I found out by carefully reading an announcement on Marktplaats and contacting the seller. Coincidence hit? Coincidence does not exist, but it took decades before I could decipher a brand of this type of piggy bank. This flower piggy bank comes from Hungary signed HMV 18. It's the mark of Hódmezővásárhelyi kerámia, which means ceramics from Hódmezővásárhely. The 18 cannot be the year of production (I would have had a lot of old ones), but is probably the number of the painter.  
The city of Hódmezővásárhely is located in south-eastern Hungary. This city was known for its many pottery and other folk art workshops. The brand does not refer to a specific factory or workshop, but to a centre of earthenware.

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