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FFN Grossbreitenbach

Pig Piggy Banks
Published by GD in Additions · 1 June 2019
This piggy bank (12.5 cm in length), also a gift from an EMBC colleague, was made by FFN Grossbreitenbach (Thüringen), model 7 and was manufactured between 1915-1930. Because there are exactly the same piggy banks from Wagner & Apel, Lippelsdorf, Thüringen from ± 1920, it is never clear to me who the mould actually belongs to.

Souvenir piggy banks are provided with transfers (under the glaze) that almost always are from postcard images. If you find the card, you know the approximate time the piggy banks dates. How so? On the (reverse of the) card there I often a dated printed and/or there is a stamp on it with a postmark. Hence. This one is a souvenir from Grosser Inselsberg / Thüringer Wald (from the GDR time).

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