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Additions EMBC Congres

Pig Piggy Banks 2024
Published by GD in Additions · Wednesday 21 Jun 2017
End of May we joint the EMBC Congres in Xanten. EMBC is the society of (piggy) bank collectors. At the convention I 'scored' 3 piggy banks for my collection.

Small piggy bank (11,5 cm, number 1010 in my collection) as a promo for the German National-Bank. Most likely form 1984. There is a peculiar text on the belly which says: “The moment this piggy bank is full with coins you can return it to one of the agency’s of the National-Bank. There you receive a piggy bank with a real lock.”

This piggy bank (11,5 cm, number 1011 in my collection) ) is most likely from Bunzlau and bought in the former GDR. The German city of Bunzlau is called since 1945 Bolesławiec in Poland. The traditional earthenware still has the brand Bunzlau.

A big one (20,5 cm, number 1012) with for leave clover. No hallmark regrettably. A gift from the Chair of the EMBC.

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