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Right 944: Friesland (length 18,5 cm). That it is a Friesian pig is clear because it has 3 legs, it is Brown and has a typical slip decoration. But I had not seen one from Harlingen before. If you look carefully you see that the nose is different from the ‘common’ Workum piggy’s. A bit “stuck up”, this one is. The piggy bank was bought by the former owner in Harlingen in 1979 and is from Pottery De Pui.

Left 945: Mexico (high 24 cm). At first glance this was not a piggy bank. A certain gut feeling made me buy it anyway. My feeling was right, once home my wife found the money slot which was filled with paper and clay. This simply came out. Now it is original again.
A nice example of a handmade piggy bank using ancient methods practiced since pre-Hispanic times in Mexico.

946: Hungary (length 23,5 cm). A strange experience to find a piggy bank just like one you bought 30 years ago in Denmark. I always believed that it was Danish, but this new piggy bank had a better stamped hallmark under its legs so I could make out that it was from Hungary.

947: UK (10,8 cm) Originally intended for sale in my piggybank shop but pigs with labels, stamps or hallmarks on them are rare, so I decided to keep it in my collection.

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