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Collection 2
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Additions 2019

Additions 2020 (1)
The reason why I have already so many additions early 2020 is this: I took over the collection of Mrs. Barbara de Waal-Huisman (78), who died on December 16, 2019. She had a collection of more than 100 authentic piggy banks. Of which a relatively large number from Sweden, where she had a sister. Of those more than 100 (108 to be exact) I smashed 10 because they were too damaged and took  36 in my collection. The remaining 62 go to Xanten (Germany), in the "Museum rund ums Geld" by Norbert Müller (fellow member of EMBC). So the collection remains partially intact in keeping with our motto "saving our (and your) heritage".
I register the 36 I have included in my collection as the “(sub-)collection Huisman”.
Additions 2020 (2)
And more.......
Additions 2021
This year begins with two nice and rare additions. It's a start.................
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