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1000+ authentic, old fashioned pig piggy banks
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There are more penny banks, coin banks, money banks than banks we Dutch call piggy banks in the shape of a pig. It is a bit odd therefore to state that the piggy bank in the shape of a pig is the one and only real bank. I would not dare say that!

The piggy bank in the shape of a pig looks very modest between the millions of coin banks, of which many are also mechanical. The words 'piggy bank' even are a label for banks in every shape. I my collection there are only banks in the shape of a pig.

I am a collector of old fashioned piggy banks in the shape of a pig, the banks that one has to smash to get the coins out. Metaphorically speaking, for there are more civilized ways of getting your money out.

Who I am? Gert Deelman, I am Dutch, live in The Netherlands and I collect banks (as I stated before all of them pigs!) since 1965 and after more than 50 years I think I have developed an expertise on the banks that I collect. My collection consists 1000+ original and unique piggy banks (shape of a pig!). More than 50 years ago I “fell in love” with piggy banks, I have no affection however with real pigs.  

Not one of the 1000+ piggy banks has a plug ore hole in the belly/ bottom. As I mentioned before one has to smash it to get the coins out. I bought a lot of them myself in various places in Europe. The rest I bought via eBay, boot fairs, antique markets, charity shops and/ or from fellow collectors who stopped collecting.

To be admitted to my collection a piggy bank must:
  • look like a pig (obvious for me!);
  • be made of clay, siderolith, porcelain or plaster;
  • absolutely have no stopper (plug) in the bottom;
  • be in good condition, preferably mint.
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