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1000+ authentic, old fashioned pig piggy banks
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There are more penny banks, coin banks, money banks than banks we Dutch call piggy banks in the shape of a pig. It is a bit odd therefore to state that the piggy bank in the shape of a pig is the one and only real bank. I would not dare say that!

The piggy bank in the shape of a pig looks very modest between the millions of coin banks, of which many are also mechanical. The words 'piggy bank' even are a label for banks in every shape. I my collection there are only banks in the shape of a pig.

I am a collector of old fashioned piggy banks in the shape of a pig, the banks that one has to smash to get the coins out. Metaphorically speaking, for there are more civilized ways of getting your money out.

Who I am? Gert Deelman, I am Dutch, live in The Netherlands and I collect banks (as I stated before all of them pigs!) since 1965 and after more than 50 years I think I have developed an expertise on the banks that I collect. My collection consists 1000+ original and unique piggy banks (shape of a pig!). More than 50 years ago I “fell in love” with piggy banks, I have no affection however with real pigs.  

Not one of the 1000+ piggy banks has a plug ore hole in the belly/ bottom. As I mentioned before one has to smash it to get the coins out. I bought a lot of them myself in various places in Europe. The rest I bought via eBay, boot fairs, antique markets, charity shops and/ or from fellow collectors who stopped collecting.

To be admitted to my collection a piggy bank must:
  • look like a pig (obvious for me!);
  • be made of clay, siderolith, porcelain or plaster;
  • absolutely have no stopper (plug) in the bottom;
  • be in good condition, preferably mint.
Not all facts and piggy bank pictures or backgrounds are fit to publish on my web site. It could be too much. Therefore I created a blog. To share with you news, new facts, special backgrounds, hilarious stories, etc. Please take a look and enjoy.

Updates until June 20 2019:
Additions. Origin of some piggy banks updated with new knowledge. And in some cases new insights.

As you possibly already know many of the photo's have a second layer. To open it click (PC, with the mouse) or tap (with Ipad or tablet) and the 2nd layer(s) opens. Then swipe for more photo's in the 2nd layer. It gives you more information.
Ook beschikbaar in de Nederlandse taal. Also available in the Dutch language.
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