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Tips and tricks on this site
With every single picture:
You can scroll over it with the mouse and read the individual text.
You can click on it and it will enlarge.

With the picture series:
Scrolling your mouse over the small pictures makes them roll further.
When you see one you want to enlarge, just click on the picture under the paperclip. You will then also see the text.
To go back return to the small pictures and move them further, etc.

You want to learn Dutch and see
my Dutch site? Click the flag.

All pictures and texts are strictly
copyright © GD projecten.

Copying or publishing of texts and/ or photo’s
is not allowed without my permission!

More websites with (info about) piggy banks?

Do you buy piggy banks?
Yes, I do. But: Since the cost of ‘packaging and posting’ are rising my ‘must have/price’ ratio is out of balance. That’s the reason I don’t buy piggy banks from the US.
Nowadays I am only interested in buying antique and vintage piggy banks. If you want to sell, sent me an e-mail. We will see where it goes from there.

We are a member of

Member, Collectors Weekly Hall of Fame: The Best of Antiques and Collecting

For piggy banks look for the Category 'Coin Operated' and then 'piggy banks'.

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